Posting these up for Mu, who had her braces taken out a couple weeks back! And mostly because I like showing people how messed up my teeth were. I had braces when i was 10 for about a year and a half. Before braces is on the left, after is on the right. I don’t think I had anything special with the braces other than a rod in the roof of my mouth to space it out (my little sister had headgear for a while)

My teeth were terribly misaligned and my mouth is way too small. My canines were way in the front like fangs which I thought was cool but is in no way useful :P and all my bottom teeth were messed up. I had four teeth removed in total and when they removed my wisdom teeth probably 3-4 years ago, they found another tooth hiding underneath my bottom front teeth too D:

so basically my fangs, and the insomnia I’ve had since I was a kid, are proof that I am a vampire :P