New prints for Geek Girl Con! Heroines of Hurt is a NEW series of mine of awesome ladies based on traditional D&D player character classes! I’ll have them at GGC on October 11-12th as glossy 5.5x8.5 prints in a special envelope. I’ll be at Table 615 in the Artist Alley :D

Can you fall in love with your own characters cuz this series was so fun to do :) Click each photo to see them bigger with their descriptions

Commission for erinkyan of his awesome Saint’s Row Boss with boyfrando Johnny Gat. :D If you ask for fluffy, i can deliver in bara hugs.

!!! this is super helpful actually, we’ve been messing around with displays to find what works best, but I like the idea of doing half storage-cube-style and half open like the second display you mentioned— not too closed but also w/ storage space

hope you find something that works! For me at cons, i usually keep my under-table area SUPER organized cuz i dont like using the top of the table for anything other than display, which i think i failed to mention in depth, but it cuts down on space I and my partner(s) use and helps get everything out right away. I make pins and charms and keep them all in compartmental organizers you can easily find at home depot like this one:

and i try to keep prints organized with dividers with an expanding file like this:

(i havent found one that is big enough for 11x17 prints yet though, but im narrowing down a few options). Most conventions don’t let you have more than a couple of bags as well, mostly anime AA’s— small press and comic/media cons are pretty lenient and also have a lot better setup times— so everything usually fits into one large-ish suitcase. Being organized helps expedite processes and you’re not wasting time scrambling or looking for things!

AHH YES the bit about displays reminded me of a thought that's been niggling in the back of my mind-- I'm v. attached to my wire frame display because of the storage space but I worry about it looking clunky/unprofessional outside of an anime con where wire frames are pretty common, but I'm not sure if there are ways to "refine" a wire display since a whole backdrop stand setup will probably be out of my price range for a while. Thoughts?

oh yes! your display was pretty ok! I call it THE ARCH


which i think is pretty common with wire basket displays at anime conventions (my neighbor at Fanime used it, She was a jewelry maker and it worked well for her). It IS good storage, i admit, but i’m not a personal fan of overarching displays because of “toad in the hole”


it works better for some people (and it did for you at fanime iirc), but my main beef with it is that i dont like appearing like i’m hiding behind my stuff. A good workaround using your current wire baskets imho, I call THE BREAD 


…cuz the wire panels on the side are like bread on a sandwich and you in the middle are the fillings. This uses two sides of the wire baskets while leaving the table and top of the display relatively open so you’re not exactly hiding behind things AND can see people quite easily. Here’s a different view of THE BREAD using one side:


The wire grids are at the back (always secure them!) and stuff like prints are displayed but it opens up the table to your customers. Display is always up to personal preference, however, so you totally can find your own way to combine any sorts of display styles :)

Advice and Tips for exhibiting at an Artist Alley

So a friend recently asked for some advice since she will be exhibiting at an Artist Alley for the first time this year. And so, i wrote a LONG thing from my experience as I’ve been doing artist alleys for a while now. (If you have any further questions, my askbox is always open)

Types of cons I exhibit at most often (so my experience comes from these:)

  • Media/Comic Conventions: “comic” cons— comic in quotes since a lot of these cons are turning into all around media-type cons and less emphasis on comics. Examples: San Diego Comic Con, Calgary Expo, New York Comic Con.
  • Anime Conventions: conventions that are a celebration of Japanese anime but usually do have a crossover with similar nerdy things like video games and television shows. The anime con audiences usually tend to be younger than people who go to media/comic cons. Examples: Fanime Con, Sakura Con, Otakon
  • "Indie" Conventions: a catch-all name for more specialized conventions like indie comics or craft faires. These types of cons are usually pickier about what they choose to exhibit but are usually good for drawing not-necessarily-nerdy people. Examples: Alternative Press Expo, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, LA Renegade Craft Faire.
  • (there are other types of cons to sell art like furry or fandom-specific at but i havent had any experience with those)

General Advice:

  • HAVE FUN. Conventions are usually one of the few places you, as an artist, can meet people and make connections. I know for me, I work relatively solitary, so I enjoy sitting behind a convention table and talking to people especially those who recognize something they saw on the internet.

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I have a Kickstarter exclusive poster print for the Justice/Vengeance: Libations for the Dead Volume 1 Kickstarter! Check it out!  

This is Angel “A-Girl” DeSantes: Superhero heiress, super strength, super flight, and super idol. The blonde hair-blue eyes are all part of a very carefully crafted self-image for her sponsors. She’s like a mix of Shakira with the power set of Captain Marvel and the public image of Paris Hilton.

TEN DAYS LEFT to fund the Justice/Vengeance Kickstarter! Check it out!

Did you know the Awoken in Destiny are basically ADORABLE SPACE PIXIES? And then i fell in love with their faces during the Destiny Beta and painted them for warm ups for like a week. And then i got itchy skin cuz the beta was so much fun and now i have to wait for a month. ANTS. ANTS I SAY.

(Ritzy and I also recorded our first impressions on the Destiny Beta on the 360 for our LP channel, Missing Discs. Check out our short video on it :D)

So you know that part of the story where a character is thrown into an Alternate Universe that exposes the flaws and then it dissolves into horror and fire and lightning? We Alice-in-Wonderlanded one of the characters in our 13th Age PbP RPG, CSI: Drakkenhall, so that calls for ALTERNATE UNIVERSE CHARACTER ICONS :D 

Here are our old character icons for reference. You can read our forum linked above but tl;dr, our AU takes place where everyone is happy. NOBODY IS HAPPY FOREVER THOUGH dun dun dunnnnnnn

draw elves. do value studies. werk werk werk

Also i made that sera a tiled wallpaper


Knitted Scale Armor and making a Grey Warden



Here’s a shot of my Grey Warden Mage cosplay from PAX East 2014 and i’ll be compiling a breakdown of how i did parts of it for posterity and just in case other people wanted to know how I did it.


The scale of the tabard is all aluminium scale held together by knitting it in acrylic yarn. Like a blanket but one side is all metal. Metal scales from The Ring Lord.

image(this is a close up of the armor in the front— it’s a little messy but overall it looks great)


(this is the back, where i spaced the scales more evenly and you can see how the yarn holds the metal scales in the fabric)

Crafty Mutt has the basis of where i started (she used small scales) but click Read More to read how I did my own armor:

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I wrote an ESSAY on how i knit the scale armor for my Grey Warden mage cosplay I wore at PAX East and Fanime on my cosplay blog WOO.


Watch us be semi-competent bank robbers in Payday 2! We took all the advice and criticism on our last video and hopefully we’ve improved with our next Let’s Play! In this video, we rob a bank and then become pretty pretty princesses. It’s Part One of two Payday videos we filmed this week :)

Hey look, Ritzy and I started a Let’s Play channel and watch us be semi-competent bank robbers/pretty princesses in Payday 2. Also, you can send ask us questions, suggest games we can play for future videos, and topics to discuss on our Missing Discs tumblr :D

TOMORROW! My friends @ritzyfoxx and @patrickweekes are playing 13thAge Live with a bunch of other cool 13thAge people on google hangout for Free RPG day! Check out all the details on this blogpost! You can watch it live on youtube!

I drew their characters for them to serve as avatars: Thugriel, high-elf barbarian (not shown, Mr Scuffy, his plush bear and BFF), and Mister Human, the “human” bard (those could be anyone’s tentacles, he’s human. Even his NAME is HUMAN)

So I’ve been doing that color palette meme thing as “warm ups” on original characters and the conclusion is that I/we (as some are group RPG characters) have too many damn elves.

Does anyone remember Bust-A-Groove? I DO. :D


Took a break cuz it’s Draw Your Cat In a Dress day and drew my bff coke-n-icecream's cat Habibi in a kilt cuz he's the grossest cat ever and i love him and i made his fat butt look like an angry banker. (Here's Cindy's comic on him with pictures: Meowtherf*ckers)

Took a break cuz it’s Draw Your Cat In a Dress day and drew my bff coke-n-icecream's cat Habibi in a kilt cuz he's the grossest cat ever and i love him and i made his fat butt look like an angry banker. (Here's Cindy's comic on him with pictures: Meowtherf*ckers)